The Candlewood Team

This is our A-team. (There is no B-team)

Seven people with widely varied backgrounds and areas of expertise, but one common mission:

Making your vision a reality.

Glenn Pollack

Managing Director

Steve Latkovic

Managing Director

Natan Milgrom

Vice President

Rishi Agarwal

Vice President

Grant Pollack


Brian K. Lampl

Business Development, IP and Commercialization

Debbie Lipstreu


Step 1.

30-min call to learn about your situation

Step 2.

Conference to discuss potential solutions

Step 3.

Meet to discuss recommended solution, fees, and terms

Ready to get started?

Candlewood Partners, LLC

Established 2001

Cleveland Office: (216) 472-6660

600 Superior Ave. East, Suite 1800

Cleveland, OH 44114

New York Office: (212) 655-9310

477 Madison Avenue, Suite 600

New York, 10022

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